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Wednesday, 18 Sya'ban 1445
Wednesday, 28 February 2024

UiTM Library Membership


Library Rules & Regulations

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1 Users are always required to display ID cards.
2 All bags are allowed but may be subject to inspection.
3 Please refer to the zoning system.
4 No outside food allowed.
5 Taking out reference materials from library premises without permission is prohibited.
6 Misuse of library computers is not allowed.
7 Tearing or damaging library books is strictly prohibited.
8 Vandalism of library property is strictly prohibited.
9 Users are not allowed to remove or change the arrangement of any furniture in the library.
10 Seats in the library may not be reserved since they are limited.
11 Helmets are not allowed to be brought and worn in the library.
12 Sitting exclusively with your partner from a different gender is strictly prohibited.
13 The library will not be held responsible for the loss of any personal belongings of the users.
14 Short pants/skirts/dress, leggings and sleeveless shirts are strictly prohibited inside the library.