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Dress Code For UiTM Students

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1. Students are REQUIRED to display their MATRIC CARD at all times when present in the vicinity of the University. The matric card MUST BE WORN and DISPLAYED at chest level.  

2. Students are expected TO BE CLEAN, WELL GROOMED and DRESSED in a manner appropriate to the Malaysian custom or norms.

3. Students must MAINTAIN A PROFESSIONAL APPEARANCE by wearing collared shirts/t-shirts,shoes, slacks or long skirts while attending classes and/or on official visits to Faculties/Administration building.


  1. Shorts skirts or boxer shorts
  2. Round-neck T-shirt.
  3. Sleeveless shirts.
  4. Tight slacks/pants.
  5. Slippers/ sandals.

5. During any formal/official university event, male students are REQUIRED to wear long sleeved shirts, necktie, slacks (not jeans) and leather shoes or the COMPLETE NATIONAL OUTFIT. Female students are REQUIRED TO WEAR ‘BAJU KURUNG’ or any APPROPRIATE SUIT such as long skirts or loose slacks.

6. Female students are NOT ALLOWED TO WEAR VEILS in campus.

7. For male students, HAIR MUST BE NEATLY TRIMMED and REASONABLE IN LENGTH,  and any form of FREESTYLE HAIRDO is strictly prohibited.

8. TATTOOS are prohibited on any parts of the body.

Illustration of approved attire for male student Illustration of approved attire for female student


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