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The etablishment of the UiTM Library began after establishing the RIDA Training Hall in Jalan Othman, Petaling Jaya, in 1956. Initially, it was known as the RIDA Library, which contained reading materials for the Book Keeping Course, Accounting, and preparatory courses. To sit for the London Chamber of Commerce (LCC) Examination. In 1972, the ITM Library moved to a permanent building on the main campus in Shah Alam with a four (4) story building.

A total of 43 Digital Library initiatives have been provided to cover digital services to users and the entire library management. The library's collection until September 2021 is 1,936,631 copies of materials consisting of books, bound magazines, media materials, e-books, and e-journals. The internal library management process has been fully automated. Library users can access UiTM Library services through the website 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year at the link https://library.uitm.edu.my.

The library website plays a vital role as a virtual reference source for researchers, lecturers, and students. It can be referenced at all times and wherever they are with the concept of Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone. Today, PTAR has grown to 39 libraries throughout Malaysia and is led by Mr. Jamalludin bin Hj. Sulaiman as the Chief Librarian from 2022 until now.

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