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The inter-library loan (ILL) is an information-based service for libraries in Malaysia. This service allows customers to borrow original material or obtain copies of materials that are not available at the UiTM library. Customers who are eligible for this service may request the materials needed through the PTAR library.

ILL Service at Perpustakaan Tun Abdul Razak
PTAR is a member of the SPP Malaysia consortium and is registered with Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia (PNM) (the National Library of Malaysia). The ILL service at PTAR is divided into two categories:-

● Internal ILL (customer application at the Shah Alam and UiTM branch/state campus libraries)
● External ILL (application for SPP Malaysia consortium members.

This service is given to the students, academic staff and administration staff of UiTM.

Internal ILL (customer application at the Shah Alam and UiTM branch/state campus libraries)
PTAR internal customer application (Shah Alam campus) to borrow materials from external libraries. The number of books and articles allowed for application at any one time is as follows:

Status   Books (Maximum Number)    Journal Articles (Maximum Number) 
 Staff  3
 Student  3

The duration of loan is dependent on the permission granted from the supplier's library.

Charges and Payment (Photocopy Materials)
i. The payment charge is set by the supplier’s library.
ii. The borrower must complete the payment (material charge, service fee and postage charges) when collecting the material.

External ILL (application for SPP Malaysia consortium members)

Applications are accepted from organisations under the SPP consortium to borrow PTAR materials. The terms and conditions of the loan are as follows:
i. A maximum of 10 books at a time.
ii. Loan period – one month (28 days).
iii. The materials allowed for loan are books (open collections) and articles only.
iv. Material renewal can be done once only and if the material is not returned, further material loans will not be made.

ILL Application Procedure
i. Customers are required to submit an ILL request through OPAC UiTM.
ii. The ILL form must be completed with accurate information to expedite the application process.
iii. The duration to obtain the material is 14 days during office hours and depends on the availability of the material at the supplier’s library.
iv. Customers will be notified by email/telephone once the material is received by PTAR.
v. Customers are required to collect the materials promptly at the customer service counter.
vi. The duration of the loan depends on the supplier’s library.
vii. Materials borrowed must be returned within 3 days from the date of return.
viii. Customers should notify the ILL staff if they wish to renew their loan (before the return date). Loan renewal for the material can only be done once (depends on the supplier’s library) .
ix. For materials that are charged (overseas applications), the applicant is required to make the payment upon collection of the material.
x. If the material is not returned within six months by the borrowing library, the UiTM library will consider it as a lost book. The borrowing library will have to pay based on the book price including a processing fee of RM20.00.

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