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"National Reading Decade"

Periodical Publication

Annotated Bibliography

Buletin IQRA'

Publication Period : Monthly

Info Kualiti

i-Library Handbook

UiTM Digital Library

UiTM Digital Library Initiatives

UiTM Archive Publication

Publish by Jabtan Arkib Universiti

Archive Collection

Status : Active
Publication Period : Monthly

Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah

Status : Active
Publication Period : Monthly

Memori Korporat

Status : Active
Publication Period : Monthly

Library Annual Report

Laporan Tahunan PTAR 2022

Year of Publication: 2024 

Laporan Tahunan PTAR 2018

Year of Publication: 2019

Laporan Tahunan PTAR 2017

Year of Publication: 2018

E-Pocket Statistik

Statistik 2023

Year of Publication: 2024 

Statistik 2022

Year of Publication: 2023 


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