Collection Categories

1. Open Shelf - All materials that can be borrowed are placed in this collection.
2. Reference - The materials in this collection are materials for reference only.
4. Serials - All journals and periodicals are placed on the magazine rack provided.
5. Special Collection 

Special Collection Categories

Malaysian Art & Heritage

  • Malaysian Art & Heritage Batik Lambang Warisan Teknologi & Inovasi
  • Malaysian Art & Heritage Kurik Kundi Merah Saga
    (Edisi ke 2)
  • Malaysian Art & Heritage Jamil Sulong
    Warisan Dan Wawasan

UiTM Publication

  • UiTM Publication Introduction To Company Law
    In Malaysia
  • UiTM Publication Jejak Kualiti
    Catatan Pengalaman
  • UiTM Publication Manajemen

Thesis & Research Report

  • Thesis & Research Report Research Report
  • Thesis & Research Report Thesis Report
  • Thesis & Research Report Thesis Report


  • Syllabus International Economics
    Trade And Finance

Banned Collection

  • Banned Collection Mujarrobat
  • Banned Collection Islamic Fundamentalism
  • Banned Collection Islam And The West

Non-book Collection

  • Non-book Collection Memory Boot Camp
  • Non-book Collection 75 Tools For Creative Thinking
  • Non-book Collection Fun With Hieroglyphs


  • Forecast Forecast


  • Newspaper Berita Harian
  • Newspaper Utusan Malaysia
  • v Mingguan Malaysia
  • Newspaper NSTP
  • Newspaper Star

Special Collections Opening Hours

Special Collections Opening Hours