Under the order of General Circular Letter no. 23/1972 from the Prime Minister’s Office, ITM’s Archives Unit was established and put under the responsibility of the Registrar Office to uphold large collections of Institutional Records in the early of 1982. However, until 1984, ITM has yet to comply with systematic record management requirements.

Records and Archives Unit was established only in January of 1986, where it implemented its functions by focusing on two (2) main tasks such as File System Coordination and Implementing Valueless Document Disposal to reduce storage space in record stores. At that time ITM was already 30 years old with nine (9) branch campuses.

This unit was originally located at level 1 ITM Director's Office Building which is now known as Galeri Seni Tuanku Nur Zahirah (GESTURZ). In September 1997, this unit later moved to a new space in Dewan Sri Budiman which was once the ITM Central Store. In 2000, following the university's restructuring, the role and function of the archive was expanded to Archives and Museum Division.

On April 17, 2003, Dato’ Seri Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Abu Shah, UiTM Vice-Chancellor, has declared the opening of the Archives and Museum Division at Dewan Sri Budiman, Universiti Teknologi MARA Shah Alam. His intention to build UiTM Museum and Gallery became a reality when it was launched by Dato’ Seri Mohd Najib Tun Hj. Abdul Razak, the Deputy Prime Minister on 10 November 2006.

In early 2015, the Registrar's Office had restructured the department and Archives Division was placed under the responsibility of Perpustakaan Tun Abdul Razak (PTAR). This was decided at Executive Committee Meeting (JKE) No. 06/2015 on June 10, 2015. This responsibility involves the entire operation of the Archives Division and the resources of social schemes (Grade S) effective 01 June 2015. Under the management of PTAR, the Archives Division was restructured according to departmental functions and is simply known as Jabatan Arkib Universiti (University Archives Department).

The purpose of the Jabatan Arkib Universiti is to coordinate UiTM Records Management System and Archives.



  1. To coordinate the university's record management system.
  2. As a university records management reference centre.
  3. To maintain and conserve UiTM’s archival value records.
  4. To be a systematic and comprehensive University Records Centre.

Client’s Charter

We are committed to achieving customer needs and requirements through service delivery such as the following:

  1. Reference feedback will be notified to the applicant within two (2) working days.
  2. Feedback on disposal to the centre of responsibility is notarized within five (5) working days.
  3. An archive file reference application is available within five (5) working days from the receipt date of the application.
  4. An archive material reference application is available within three (3) working days from the receipt date of the application.

Division of Records Management

  1. To plan, prepare and implement records management policies and guidelines.
  2. To coordinate and manage the lifecycle of a record and Department files.
  3. To manage the implementation of the University File Classification System.
  4. To manage the appointment of Recruited Document Records and Security Officers.
  5. To implement Evaluation and Proposed Disposal of University Records.
  6. To plan the Implementation of the University's Self-Recorded Management System.
  7. To provide University Records Management Advisory and Briefing Services.

Division of Archive Development

  1. To plan, prepare and implement policies and archives management guidelines and the digitization of archives material.
  2. To manage the collection of university vital records.
  3. To manage the digitization of records and upload material to the University's Archives System.
  4. To manage digital indexing and metadata of records and archive materials.
  5. To manage the implementation of the University Archives System development.
  6. To manage and maintain university archive materials.
  7. To provide advice and briefing on university archives management.

Division of Archive Service

  1. To plan, prepare and implement archives service policies and guidelines.
  2. To provide referral, research and material borrowing services.
  3. To manage information on archival materials information.
  4. To manage publishing of archive material and university history.
  5. To conduct records awareness programmes.
  6. To conduct research and documentation of archives.

  1. Advice on record management
  2. • Preparation of department’s file list.
    • Grant of classification numbers.
    • File minutes writing.
    • Disposal of records.
    • Use of forms.
    • Management procedures and guidelines.
  3. Advice and Referral Service at PTJ's location as per application requirement.
  4. Controlling the attachment program for the Department of Records Administrative Assistant (Pembantu Tadbir Rekod Jabatan).
  5. Archives Materials Reference:
  6. • Document references for researchers by walk-in or through formal application.
    • Loan back to document by Creator (Departments issuing / creating records).
    • Assist and supervise the researcher in the provided reference space.
  7. Conduct research and documentation to complement information on UiTM's history.
  8. Provides speakers / facilitators for records management related programmes.

  1. UiTM Records Management Policy
  2. Archives Management Policy
  3. Item Classification File Execution guidelines.
  4. Record Management guidelines.
  5. Non-File Records disposal (homogeneous) guidelines.
  6. Guidance on the Implementation of Self-Records Management Coordination.
  7. Guided Document Management Guidelines.
  8. Record safety committee guidelines.
  9. Guidelines for Preparation of Official Mail and Electronic Mail.
  10. National Archive of Malaysia Records Disposal Table.
  11. National Archive of Malaysia Accounts and Fiscal Disposal Table.
  12. National Archives Act 2003 (Act 629).
  13. Official Secrets Act (Act 88).
  14. Classification and Reclassification of Official Documents.


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