Individuals, institutions or corporate organizations who are interested to be a member of the library are subject to the conditions by the library:
1. Fill in the Customer Data Form (External Membership) and attach the passport size photograph. Completed form must be submitted at Customer Service Counter.
2. Online Applications can also be made via PTAR Portal PTAR http://library.uitm.edu.my/v4/index.php/en/external-membership
3. Customers need to provide supporting evidence such as pension cards, UiTM (Alumni) cards or any copy of end-of-school authentication documents or their respective staff card.
4. Library membership fees can be made through the following methods:
a. Online payment to UiTM Bursary 1051 4000 2805 (Bank Affin), or
b. Payment at Pejabat Akaun Amanah Counter, UiTM Bursary
5. Payment slip (online payment / money transfer) or payment receipt from Pejabat Akaun Amanah should be shown to staff at the customer service counter during registration of membership.
6. Membership card will be made after payment (7 working days)
7. Customers will be notified when membership card is completed and required to collect the card at the Customer Service Counter, PTAR. 


The duration of membership is one year (12 months) from the date of registration and ends the following year. Notice of renewal will be sent through e-mail a month before the date of expiry.


•Loans can only be made with a library membership card.
•Number of loans and types of materials are subject to membership category registered by the library member.
•Materials from bound journal, reference material, free range reading, thesis collection, Academic Core Collection, 1st copy of book, conference collection, statute and loose leave material are not for loan.
•Renewal of loans can be made by online renewal subject to conditions.
•A borrower who has the overdue items will be barred from borrowing.


Online databases subscribed by the Library can only be accessed within the Library premises


•Member is responsible for all items borrowed.
•Membership card is not transferable.
•The card holder shall immediately report the loss of the card to the Library. Replacement charge for lost card is RM10.00.


•A member who fails to return borrowed materials within the stated period must pay a fine of RM0.20 per day until the item is returned.
•Any item that is lost or destroyed must be replaced. A member must replace the item subject to conditions or pay the cost of replacing the item.


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