Lexis Advance Malaysia

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Discover our eResources Lexis Advance Malaysia. Lexis Advance is an innovative online research platform that allows today’s legal professionals to access trusted research from LexisNexis® quickly and easily.

Access eResources Lexis Advance Malaysia NOW!!! A refreshingly efficient way to conduct your research.


Feel free to access our eResources online databases through: http://qr.library.uitm.edu.my/onlinedb

Or on Lexis Advance Malaysia: http://qr.library.uitm.edu.my/odlexis


For more information, you may:

1. Contact your reference librarian  

2. Book your slot at : https://ekkm.uitm.edu.my/

            Note : Recommended to have minimum 15 participants per slot

3. Chat With Librarian : https://ptar.uitm.edu.my/libchat


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