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  1. Helps Guides
  2. FAQ : General | Mendeley Web | Account
  3. Video and Tutorials
  4. Mendeley Research Catalog
    Conduct advanced searches or browse by discipline. Find new research based on what is popular or the most recently added. If you’re logged into your Mendeley account, you’ll be able to save the resulting references straight to your library.
  5. Using the Citation Plugin

What should i do?

  1. Choose (Linux / Mac / Windows) and download Mendeley Desktop.
  2. Install Web Importer.
  3. Install Mendeley Plugin. (Microsoft Word)

  1. Mendeley Presentation 2015/16 - Including presenter notes | PowerPoint PPT
  2. Mendeley Blank Slides - Use to make your own presentation | PowerPoint PPT
  3. Plan, Promote, Present - A presentation checklist | Adobe PDF


  1. Mendeley Fact Sheet - One-sided version | Adobe PDF
  2. Mendeley Fact Sheet - Two-sided version | Adobe PDF
  3. Mendeley Participation Certificate - Can be issued to workshop attendees | Adobe PDF
  4. Mendeley Logo - For use in presentations or other materials | PNG