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1 Logo UiTM PDF Download via UiTM Corporate
2 Logo PTAR PDF Download
3 Logo MOOC PDF Download
4 Lagu Rasmi MP4 Download


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1 Borang Cadangan Sumber Elektronik 2017 PDF Download
2 UiTM's Intellectual Property Submission Form PDF Download
3 Inter-Library Loans Form PDF Download
4 Information Skills Form | User Education | Library Orientation PDF Download
5 External Membership Form PDF Download
6 IT Centre Reservation Form PDF Download
7 User Satisfaction Survey PDF Download
8 Book Delivery Services PDF Download
9 Dasar Penyerahan Bahan Harta Intelek PDF Download
10 Borang Sumbangan Derma Wang Tunai Untuk Kemudahan Perpustakaan PDF Download


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1 EndNote (Windows) Zip Download
2 EndNote (Mac) Zip Download
3 Mendeley (Windows) Application Download
4 Mendeley (Mac) Application Download
5 Mendeley (Linux) Application Download
Login : spss Password : 123
NOTE: This software is downloadable via intranet connection.
*SPSS software was prepared by Jabatan Infostruktur, UiTM.
Thefore any enquiries regarding the software can be forward to IT person in each faculties or contact Puan Maimunah Saba at 603-5544-2619
Application Download
7 Datastream Application Download