Perpustakaan UiTM Shah Alam


Finding research topics


  • Research in the News
      - a selection of latest research in the fields of business and management, library and information science, social sciences, engineering, linguistics and audiology (link to Emerald di PTAR Online database)

  • Asia Research News

  • Research Trends
      - a quarterly magazine providing objective, up-to-the-minute insights into scientific trends based on bibliometric analysis.

  • ScienceWatch
      - tracks hot or emerging papers and research fronts

  • Science Daily
    - featuring latest research news in health and biomedical sciences, biological and earth sciences, physical and applied sciences.

  • Computing Reviews
     - crtical reviews of computing literature

  • Pharmacological Reviews
     - presents important review articles covering the broad spectrum of pharmacological research.

  • Applied Mechanics  Reviews
     - an international review journal  which serves as a premier venue for dissemination of material across all sub-disciplines of applied mechanics and engineering science, including fluids and solids, heat transfer, dynamics and vibration.

  • Reports on Progress in Physics
     - publishes review articles covering all branches of physics, written by invited authors who are worldwide experts in their field.


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