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Books on academic research


Readings for every step of your  research process

This list of  e-readings from Sage Research Method or SRMO are compiled to help you on your journey to complete the research process.  Please take note that the list is not comprehensive.   There are more topics for you to explore in SRMO and you might want to create your own list or see what other researchers are reading. 

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  1. Research question
  2. Literature review
  3. Literature search
  4. Research design
  5. Research methodology
  6. Qualitative research
  7. Qualitative methods
  8. Quantitative research
  9. Quantitative methods
  10. Research proposal
  11. Research ethics
  12. Data collection
  13. Data gathering
  14. Data analysis
  15. Writing
  16. Research report
  17. Communicating research
  18. Research dissemination
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