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Ask Your Librarian adalah perkhidmatan live chat di antara Pustakawan dan pengguna secara atas talian. Pengguna boleh mendapatkan khidmat nasihat dan rujukan secara maya berkaitan perkhidmatan dan kemudahan perpustakaan sama ada dari dalam atau luar kampus.

UiTM Library Chat (LibChat) facility was initiated as an open source project  in 2013 by the Department of Digital Library Management, PTAR. The facility is used as one of the medium of communication between PTAR and the users.  In 2014, the facility is rebranded as Chat with PTAR Librarian and became  one of the channel for users to communicate their issues in using the library and in accessing it’s varied resources.

In PTAR Utama, UiTM Shah Alam, the reference service using online chatting facility is managed by the Department of Academic Services. The department oversees the flow of queries and works to ensure timely, ethical and professional responses.  Meanwhile, the technical part of the facility is managed centrally by the Department of Digital Library Management, PTAR UiTM Selangor.

This online chatting facility has been extended to the UiTM branch libraries on May 2014, and the pioneer among the branch libraries is Perpustakaan Tun Dr Ismail, UiTM  Johor

Scope of Services
The service can be accessed from every library web pages in UiTM including the branch libraries.  Currently the operators behind this valuable service are the reference librarians from every library locations including those from UiTM branch libraries in each states.

Technically, users are able to select any library that they prefer to answer their queries.  However, it is advisable for the users to address the queries pertaining the library they are using to that particular library in order to ensure the most correct answers.  This is most relevant in the case of queries from users in branch libraries where some information on available library services might differ among libraries. 


Contact Person
Picture: Ahmad Faizar Jaafar

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Unit Rujukan Maya
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