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more information Restricted Resource Electronic JournalLanguage And Cognitive Processes

Language, Cognition and Neuroscience (formerly titled Language and Cognitive Processes) publishes high-quality papers taking an interdisciplinary approach to the study of brain and language, and promotes studies that integrate cognitive theoretical accounts of language and its neural bases. We publish both high quality, theoretically-motivated cognitive behavioural studies of language function, and papers which integrate cognitive theoretical accounts of language with its neurobiological foundations.The study of language function from a cognitive neuroscience perspective has attracted intensive research interest over the last 20 years, and the development of neuroscience methodologies has significantly broadened the empirical scope of all language research. Both hemodynamic imaging and electrophysiological approaches provide new perspectives on the representation and processing of language, and place important constraints on the development of theoretical accounts of language function and its neurobiological context.  
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LawNet is an online library of Malaysian laws that contains the authoritative text of the Laws of Malaysia. It is a website of PNMB-LawNet, an Internet Division of Percetakan Nasional Malaysia Berhad (PNMB), catered for practising lawyers, legal advisors, academicians, law students as well as people who have a daily need to refer to Malaysian laws.
more information Restricted Resource Online DatabasesLexisNexis Research for Academics
Need information to prepare for assignments, understand complex subjects, answer questions? Lexis Research for Academics provides web-based access to thousands of publications spanning legal and general reference information with thousands of authoritative sources available. Access to today’s superior legal research platform.

Research deeper into the laws today with Lexis Malaysia. Making research convenient, fast and easy for all legal professionals and law students alike, Lexis Malaysia provides access to high quality content with enhanced functionality, hyper-linking capabilities and content previously available only in print format. Lexis Malaysia includes complete database of MLJ case law, complete legislation (primary, sub act, bills etc) and major works previously only available on print and now uploaded online, reducing the need for storage, space and reducing research time without the need to share print publications.

Lexis Malaysia content as below :
*MLJ Reported Cases – From Federal Court, Court of Appeal and High Court
*MLJ Unreported Cases
*Legislation (Statutes of Malaysia) – Primary and Subsidiary
*MLJ Articles
*PDF format – case law from 1992
*Case law and legislation of Commonwealth countries (UK, Australia & New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong etc) UK, Australia Journals 

more information Online Databases Databases Required Login ID, please contact your respective librarianLibrary of Congress Classification Web
Note: For library staff only
Classification Web allows you to search, browse, and access all Library of Congress Classification schedules and Library of Congress Subject Headings and Name Headings on the Web. Construct, verify, and assign classification numbers, subject headings, and name headings to library material using the most current data.
Restricted Resource Online DatabasesLippincot William & Wilkins (LWW)
Note: Perpetual access

more information Restricted Resource Electronic JournalLloyd's Maritime And Commercial Law Quarterly
Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly is a dedicated quarterly journal covering maritime and commercial issues, and is essential reading for legal professionals and academics. Reporting since 1974, and edited by Professor F D Rose, it ensures you know what’s happening in your industry, and will help you to minimise the risk of costly lawsuits, fines and judgments.
This information resource is the perfect research tool, providing you with in-depth and incisive analysis of the key developments affecting commercial law across the globe.
The editors are assisted by a distinguished advisory board and team of international correspondents based in 27 countries. Their expertise provides comprehensive case commentary and articles, which ensures you have instant access to the information you need in a single source.
Available in print and online, Lloyd’s Maritime & Commercial Law Quarterly provides maritime and commercial expertise with an online archive via i-law.com dating back to 1999.
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